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  • HELM OF THE WITCH-KING, 1/4th scale, Helm, The Weta Cave, The Hobbit
Greatest of the Nazgûl, Sauron’s terrible Ringwraith servants, the Witch-king was once lord of... mehr
Produktinformationen "HELM OF THE WITCH-KING"

Greatest of the Nazgûl, Sauron’s terrible Ringwraith servants, the Witch-king was once lord of the realm of Angmar. Now he haunts the ruins of Dol Guldur, leading his fellow Wraiths against the united Elves and Istari.

Summoned from beyond the grave by their master’s will, the Ringwraiths rose to challenge the White Council in the tangled ruins of Dol Guldur. Spectral, formless beings, the nine Wraiths could not be seen by mortal eyes lest they robed themselves to walk among the living. The Elves and Istari of the White Council perceived beyond the limits of mortal sight, and to them the Nazgûl appeared as warriors, clad for battle in black mail and plate.

At the head of the Nine was the Witch-king, mightiest of Sauron’s servants. In the shadowy realm he stood tallest among the Wraiths, blade in hand, and bearing a helm of twisted black steel. 


Our authentic prop replicas and collectibles are created by the very same artists who have worked on the three films, so effectively they come straight from Middle-earth.

Richard Taylor - CEO & Co-founder, Weta Workshop


Back by popular demand, Weta Workshop is proud to announce the return of its Helm series. This September, Weta Workshop is releasing three new Helms, starting with the Skull Trophy Helm of the Orc Lieutenant and followed by the War Helm of Dain Ironfoot. The Helm of the Witch-King is the third helm to be released from this very special series.

Each 1:4 scale Helm is made from polystone and comes in an edition of just 750.

Collect all three Helms and go in the draw to win the most exclusive Helm of them all: The Helm of the Uruk-hai General. This incredibly rare collectible is the only one left in the world!

Der Artikel ist nicht für Kinder unter 4 Jahren geeignet ! Der Artikel enthält möglicherweise verschluckbare Kleinteile. Gebrauch bitte nur unter Aufsicht Erwachsener.


Genre: Der Hobbit, The Hobbit
Produkt: Hemlet/Helm
Hersteller: The Weta Cave
Qualität: Neu / OVP
Limitierung: 750
Größe: 3.14" x 9.25" x 3.54" (W x H x D) 8 cm x 23.5 cm x 9 cm
Gewicht: 0.35 lbs (0.16 kg)
Material: Polystone
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