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Herr der Ringe ÉOMER ON FIREFOOT Limited Edition of 750

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  • Lord of the Rings, Herr der Ringe, ÉOMER ON FIREFOOT, Limited edition of 750, Statue, The Weta Cave
Nephew of ailing King Théoden of Rohan and captain of the Mark, Éomer was as loyal to his... mehr
Produktinformationen "Herr der Ringe ÉOMER ON FIREFOOT Limited Edition of 750"

Nephew of ailing King Théoden of Rohan and captain of the Mark, Éomer was as loyal to his liege as the truest Rohirrim, but for questioning the orders of Gríma Wormtongue, the horse lord was banished. Taking his Éored, he rode from Edoras to make private war upon the Orcs that had invaded their realm, even as Théoden turned a blind eye.

In truth the fallen Wizard Saruman had gained influence over Rohan’s king by sorcery. Upon the return of Gandalf Théoden was freed of Saruman’s grip, but not before much of his country had been usurped or put to flame. As Saruman’s legions marched upon them, the Rohirrim fled to the fortress of Helm’s Deep to mount a last stand against the Wizard’s hordes. Outnumbered and outmatched, the few defenders held as long as they could, but defeat loomed.

Then suddenly, as the first rays of sunlight crested the rise to the east, a great host of riders appeared, their spears gleaming in the radiance of the dawn. Led by Éomer upon his brave horse Firefoot, the Riders of Rohan streamed headlong down the scree slope, voices united in a mighty yell and swords held aloft. Like the coming of the tide they swept over the army of Isengard, saving their king, his people, and their realm.


New from its high-end The Lord of the Rings line, Weta Workshop is proud to present Éomer on Firefoot. Features include:

Crafted from high-quality polystone;

1:6 scale;

Limited Edition of 750;

Sculpted by Weta Workshop sculptors Jane Wenley, Brigitte Wuest and Paul van Ommen.

Hinweis zu Vorbestellungen: Ohne eine Vorabüberweisung besteht kein Anspruch auf Lieferung !!!

Der Artikel ist nicht für Kinder unter 4 Jahren geeignet ! Der Artikel enthält möglicherweise verschluckbare Kleinteile. Gebrauch bitte nur unter Aufsicht Erwachsener.

Genre: Herr der Ringe, Lord of the Rings
Produkt: Statue
Hersteller: The Weta Cave
Qualität: Neu / OVP
Limitierung: 750
Größe: 15.74" x 20.86" x 8.66" (W x H x D) 40 cm x 53 cm x 22 cm
Gewicht: 19.29 lbs (8.75 kg)
Material: Polystone
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