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  • DWARF SOLDIERS OF THE IRON HILLS, Limited Edition of 750, Statue, The Hobbit, The Weta Cave. Zwerge, Eisenberge
With the army of Mirkwood encamped upon his doorstep, Thorin Oakenshield sent word to his... mehr
Produktinformationen "DWARF SOLDIERS OF THE IRON HILLS Limited Edition of 750"

With the army of Mirkwood encamped upon his doorstep, Thorin Oakenshield sent word to his kin in the Iron Hills, that they might march with haste to defend his claim to the treasure of Erebor. Under the banner of his cousin Dain a host of steel-clad Dwarves answered Thorin’s call, pressing on through the night to surprise King Thranduil’s Elves.


Proud, grim-browed folk, the Dwarves marked every past slight or injustice visited upon them by the haughty Elves and arrived spoiling for a fight. Though stout, the soldiers of the Iron Hills were resolute and tireless fighters. Dwarf armour was thick and their shields broad. Beyond the axes and short swords that hung from their belts they carried long, pointed spears to extend their reach and impale charging foes.


Yet, in the face of a much greater evil, the resentment simmering between Elves and Dwarves was swiftly set aside, for the armies of Azog came suddenly upon them, erupting from the ground to make war upon the Mountain. Reforming their ranks, two hosts locked in enmity moments ago now fought as one: a force united by love of life and liberty, standing against the on-rushing tide of savage Orcs.




The latest in our 1:6 scale line, the Dwarf Soldiers of the Iron Hills are designed to accompany the Mirkwood Elf Soldier. Although available as standalone statues, we recommend displaying them as one dynamic scene, straight out of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.


Simply detach your Mirkwood Elf carefully from his base, connecting his back foot to the epaulette of your lead Dwarf Soldier. In an instant, these warriors of Middle-earth are poised to attack!


What's more, the Mirkwood Elf Soldier & Iron Hill Dwarves make an ideal companion to the rest of your Battle of the Five Armies characters.




Our authentic prop replicas and collectibles are created by the very same artists who have worked on the three films, so effectively they come straight from Middle-earth.

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Der Artikel ist nicht für Kinder unter 4 Jahren geeignet ! Der Artikel enthält möglicherweise verschluckbare Kleinteile. Gebrauch bitte nur unter Aufsicht Erwachsener.

Genre: Der Hobbit, The Hobbit
Produkt: Statue
Hersteller: The Weta Cave
Qualität: Neu / OVP
Limitierung: 750
Größe: 12.2" x 11.81" x 14.96" (W x H x D) 31 cm x 30 cm x 38 cm
Gewicht: 8.81 lbs (4 kg)
Material: Polystone
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